Solid Wood Furniture. Looking for Solid Wood Furniture? Click for more information. We provide the best Solid Wood Furniture in UAE and ME. Using Solid Wood Furniture means nothing will fall apart or peal. Unlike laminate or veneer, when it shows where it appears to add character. Solid wood is much more durable. Its lengthy lifespan can make an heirloom of it. Unlike veneer or laminated furniture, solid wood living room furniture can someday last to become an antique if maintained reasonably well. Solid wood is an investment that can pay for itself several times over because of its longevity. One of the most popular solid wood furniture types is Teak Wood.
Teak wood is known for its beautiful fibre and texture. Teak is wood also known for its stable, strong and durable feature and making Teak wood the main choice of wood as a building and furniture material. Most of our Solid Wood Furniture is made from Teak Wood. Teak included in one of the hardest hardwood timber and its treasured in its elegance and its durability. Besides its beauty, Teak wood has its natural goods that other wood doesn’t own. You can find a bunch of natural oils and rubber inside the grain of the Teak wood. You’ll find plenty of natural oils and rubber sealed right into the tight grain of the wood. It is true that every woods store oil that protects the tree, for example, maple sap or tea tree oil. A Teak wood can hold all of these oils and its rubber even after being cut down and treated and this is the reason why teak has greater naturally weather-resistant characteristic than just about any other type of wood. When dried to a proper moisture level around 10% of its original content the oils and rubber weatherproof the wood. The oils also protect the wood from dry rot, which is a common problem in older wooden furniture. Browse our collection here.

RoyalSolidWood is just recently adding business into UAE’s furniture. Proudly fully owned by an Emirati, our focus is to provide a high quality of household needs, mainly that are made from all type of noble wood and standard wood, from Indonesian Pacitan’s Teak, United States’ Walnut and European’s Oak. We also provide furniture’s accessories and wall decorations with metal, copper, glass, resin etc. Quality, sustainability, trendy and affordability are our primary concepts. By putting customers’ needs at first and doing the right thing, we do our best to satisfy our customers. RoyalSolidWood believes that great business philosophy should not only about making money but helping customers to get the best product that they really want. In this young of age of contribution to UAE’s furniture business, RoyalSolidWood is not only growing by prioritizing building its brand, but we are building experience so we can share with our community about the knowledge we have in providing the best solid wood. We always look forward to serving you with better quality pleasantly. Windows of improvement always open, so, please feel free to reach us to discuss all matters you want in creating your dream spaces. With RoyalSolidWood whatever design you imagine for your space, is real.